Booking Confirmations & Notifications
Test and Exam Services, Downtown Campus, University of Toronto

Step 1 Registration Confirmation E-mail
When you successfully submit a request for accommodations, you will receive
an automated confirmation e-mail within 10 minutes which details the information that has been submitted
to Test and Exam Services. If you do not receive this automated registration confirmation e-mail:
a. Check your junk mail folder.
b. Assume your request for accommodations did not submit successfully. Try again.

Step 2 'My Schedule' - View Your Registration History Online

To review the requests you have submitted to Test and Exam Services, go to 'My Registration History'.
Note: 'My Registration History' shows you the class quiz/test/exam date, time, and
duration. Your sitting of the quiz/test/exam may be held on a different date, at a
different time, and/or for a different duration depending on your accommodation plan.

Step 3 Quiz/Test/Exam Booking Notification E-mail

When you are booked to write a quiz, test, or exam with accommodations, you will
receive an automated notification e-mail reminding you of your quiz/test/exam start time and writing location;
  • One day prior to your scheduled writing date (during the term)
  • Two days prior to your scheduled writing date (during an exam period)

  • It is very important that you read this notification e-mail; students who write
    quizzes/tests/exams with accommodations may do so on a different date or at a
    different time than the class and assigned writing locations will vary.

    If you have any questions or require assistance, Contact Us.
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