Room Basics

Use the 'Space Allocation by type' PDF for approximate NASM required for each type of classroom.
NASM = Net Area per Square Meter, or usable floor space.
Space allocation is usually expressed as NASM per student station.
(number of students divided by floor area of room in meters square)
1 m2 = approx 10 ft2 (1 m2 = 10.76 ft2, 10 ft2 = 0.93 m2)

Ceiling Height is usually based on projected image size.
Image width is minimum 1/4 room depth
Bottom of image is minimum 4'6" from floor
Leave 6" at top for screen housing or inset screen housing above clear ceiling
Client provides minimum clear ceiling hight; architect determines the slab-to-slab height (which includes mechanical cavity)

Room Proportion is a general guideline on room shape.
OSM Classroom Design
Classroom Design Information for the University of Toronto