Renovations of existing space

The Grandfather Clause -
Renovations in existing buildings may 'grandfather in' existing space restrictions (ceiling height, student NASM allocation, etc) where operational constraints or the building structure will not permit otherwise

When renovatating existing rooms the classrooms standards often cannot be applied rigously because:

(1) Existing structural grid will not allow classrooms of desired size and proportion (shape)
(2) Existing structural ceiling will not allow required ceiling height for image projection
(3) Existing room capacity may have to be retained, even though current standards call for more NASM per student. Sometimes it is necessary to renovate an old room but operational constraints cannot allow a decrease in capacity, so the old NASM allocation is grandfathered in.

WI 1016 was designed as a trapazoid and so provides inadequate room front area. Renovation added a standard Teaching Station and new seating but maintains existing space allocation and capacity.
In 1967 architect Macy Dubois was applying rigous form-follows-function design in tapering this hall for student sightlines; experience with the space requirements for the insturctor has moved the design trend back toward rectangular halls.
The 1960's were very innovative in classroom design - and threw out many good existing classroom design features in the process.
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