The furniture index provides OSM recommended furniture purchases for different classroom types --->

the 'table -' and 'seat -' PDF's are the first in a library of cut-sheets for OSM recommended classroom furniture.

The ergonomic task chair spec is a description of 'ideal' task seat coontrols as determined by the OSM study of 12 different task chairs for accessibility services. See 'Accessibility' for the chair we selected for 'ergonomic classroom seat'.

Loose seating

basic classroom seatKI Perry sled base
upholstered classroom seatKI Torsion-on-the-Go (poly back)
5-point with height adjustKI Strive
Loose tablet armSteelcase Node
KI Learn2
KI Torsion on Go tablet arm is acceptable, but the tablet is insubstantial.

Fixed seating

large theatre tablet armKI Concerto
med lecture hall tablet armKI Torsion on bar (poly back)
KI HD sequence is a Torsion-on-bar with concerto tablet and flip seat.
Currently OSM is not specifying other fixed seating, such as the radial-arm seating installed in Scarborough and Mississauga lecture halls.

Loose tables

std classroom tableKI Trek Y-base with glides
Flip-topKI Trek flip-top with castors
Height adjustManual - Steelcase Airtouch
Height adjustPowered - Steelcase series7 or KI Genesis


KI Glide index from 2011 at the right (PDF) >>>

The magic ultimate chair glides does not yet exist, so we use different glides for different surfaces. Glides are typically spec'd on seating with a sled (rail) base. Never purchase any seating where the glide is attached to the seat frame with a screw on the underside: when the glides wears down or breaks, the screw will shed your floor 9as happened with the now-replaced seating in the Woodsworth classrooms, where the hardwood floors were permenantly damaged).

There are 3 categories of flooring
CARPETRoll and Tile
RESILIENTVinyl, VCT and Rubber flooring
HARDTile, Concrete and Hardwood

There are 3 basic types of glide
POLYCARBONATEhard clear plastic
PVC/RUBBERdark grey flexable plastic
STEELa steel strip mounted on a polcarbonate runner

STANDARD SPEC - The standard spec is a polycarbonate glide, as it works on the most surfaces. However it is not recommended on hardwood, where the PVC/Rubber glide will cause the least scratching and wear on the floor.

CARPET - Roll and Tile
STANDARD: none, Steel or Polcarbonate.
generally no glide is used. The seat frame slides on the carpet. A steel or polycarbonate glide can be used.

RESILIENT - Vinyl, VCT and Rubber flooring
STANDARD: Polycarbonate.
Polycarbonate glides work on all resilient floor. Steel is often recommended, except light coloured VCT may be marked by steel glides (all the steel glides had to be replaced in Med Sci 3153 and 3154). The PVC/Rubber glide works on Vinyl and VCT, but is a very sticky glide and should be avoided because of difficulty in sliding the seat.

HARD - Tile, Concrete and Hardwood
STANDARD: Polycarbonate, except on hardwood.
The Polycarbobate glides works on Tile and Concrete. However, if the epoxy layer on teh concrete is thick and soft (as in the Exam Center), than the poly glide will scrath the epoxy and the PVC/Rubber glide will have to be used (although it sticks to the floor). A standard epoxy sealed concrete floor WILL NOT have this difficulty, and poly can be used.
For hardwood, KI only recommends the PVC/Rubber glide, as it it is least likely to scratch the floor (this has not been field verified by OSM).

OSM methodology

While OSM has been specifying a lot of KI products because of their proven durability, performance and appropriate product line, we are pleased to switch to other supplies when they can demonstrate a superior product. We do purposefully constantly spec the same products to allow for interchangeability between rooms, and to standardize like rooms.

Proven long-term performace in existing UofT classrooms is a standard criteria for selection of both manufacturer's and specific product lines. The KI Perry, for example, has proven almost indestructable over more than 10 years of use on the St. George campus. Just ask the engineering department, who use it as an example of superior industrial design engineering.

OSM tests all products on-site and in our sample area in the McMurrich building. Contact us if you'd like to visit or discuss.
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