Wall Paint

OSM always specs off-white for wall color.
Many departments or projects ask for colored walls to add interest to the room; our experience is that colored walls are liked by some users and disliked by others. Near-white produces a professional looking finish with the fewest number of complaints. Colored walls also date quickly (see the burgundy management case rooms in the old UTSC Management building). White walls offer an expected level of light reflectance. OSM recommends reserving colors and wall features for common areas outside the classroom.
Wall Paint PDF

Carpet Typetile (not roll)
Installationquarter turn (typical)
PatternVaried / non-directional
ShadeDark, preference towards coffee-color

Carpet Example
Interface (manufacturer) Entropy (pattern) Variations (color)
Interface Berlin Peat (recently installed in GB 303)
Interace Entropy Granite

ColourBlack Vinyl
Profileby project

Hard Flooring
ProductVCT or equivalent
UseHigh traffic
Size12" x 12" x 1/8" typical
ColourWhite with Grey flecks
Hard Floor PDF

Nosing (Tier Edge)
ColourDark Grey (contrast to floor)
Profileby project

Uphostryblack, 1 million double-rubs
Framechome or silver/grey (loose seating)
sand or silver/grey (fixed seating)
Poly (Plastic)black (loose seating)
sand or grey (fixed seating)
Table surfaceKensintgton maple laminate
Table edgeWarm grey vinyl 3mm (non-T)
Furniture Colours PDF

Acoustic Panel
SizeVaries by project
ColourDepartment/Faculty may want to specify - see PDF
Acoustic Panel PDF

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