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Following rates are guideline only;
please call ACE for actual rate quotation

External Rates for Room Reservation

Room rental is charged by the hour and varies according to seating capacity. External rates apply to those groups who are not associated or affiliated with the University.

Room CapacityRate Less than 25$ 26.00 Less than 50$ 31.00 Less than 100$ 37.00 Less than 200$ 49.50 Less than 300$ 57.00 Less than 500$ 67.00 500 or greater$ 78.00

Internal Rates for Room Reservation

Internal rates are charged to groups which are formally recognized by the University. The following rates are per hour:

Room CapacityRate Less than 80$ 8.00 Less than 150$ 13.00 Less than 200$ 15.00 200 or greater$ 21.00

Audio-Visual Equipment

ACADEMIC BOOKINGS         -     A/V* is included in room cost
NON-ACADEMIC BOOKINGS   -   A/V* is extra cost

* This includes the Teaching Station, TSJr, and any ceiling-mounted digital projector. Always specify all your A/V needs at time of booking. Academic bookings likely require a course code.

Caretaking Fees – Amendments as of April, 2014

In order to better serve our customers, we’ve clarified our caretaking fee structure. Effective April, 2014, the caretaking fee to a room booking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be:

  • If the combined total capacity of a single event booking is 75 or higher, then a caretaking fee will apply. Capacity will be determined based on the number of attendees. If multiple rooms are requested, the capacity will be the combined capacity of the rooms requested

  • If the combined total capacity of a single event booking is 50 or higher and space is booked for 5 hours or longer, a caretaking fee will apply.

  • If a booking is made for an auditorium, a caretaking fee will apply.

    Notwithstanding any of the above if a booking involves food, then a caretaking fee will apply.

    Please also note:  
  • Our office requires at least 5 business days’ notice for room booking requests

  • The duration of any booking must be for a minimum of 2 hours

  • Please contact us for further information.