main doors powered entrance
Main Entrance   (behind columns)
- 3 wood doors under the columns, facing the field
- 2 steps up from the road (King's College Circle)
- leads to the interior rotunda
- heavy manual doors; not powered
- there are 3 more wood doors on the SE side, facing King's College Road, generally used as exit doors

Accessible Entrance   (to right of columns)
- Dark wood door between collonade and Simcoe hall entrance
- faces north towards the field
- has designated parking directly in front
- entrance at grade, with more power doors inside
- accessible washroom to right inside this entrance
- leads to main rotunda (turn left once inside) and accessible seating on floor level of the main hall. There is no interior elevator in the hall and no accessible seating in the main hall tiers or in the balconies

PDF of entrances and vicinity