ACurrent Specification
BMeets Standard
CFunctional - not to Standard
DReduced function - not to Standard
EPriority for Repacement

BASIC COST INDEX  -  updated nov 2012

BASIC ROOM REPLACEMENT SUMMARY$ per station, simplest round numbers

Loose Seating only150
Loose Seating & Loose Table / Tablet400
Fixed (no floor replace, seating & tables)450(includes all fixed types and fixed tables with loose seats)
Fixed with Floor (floor, seating & tables)590
Fixed with Asbesdos (floor, seating & tables)630

Breakdown of above summary

For actual #'s used in the cost calculation, log-in and check the 'update cost' page.
Ballpark estimate costs, 15% tax included

SEATING and TABLES$ per student station
Loose seating150
Loose Table200
Fixed table (no seat)250
(there is no option of fixed seat with no table/tablet)

Loose seating with Loose Table350
Loose seating with Tablet400
Loose seating with Fixed Table400+ Flooring @ 140/stn (180/stn with asbesdos)
Fixed seating with Tablet450+ Flooring @ 140/stn (180/stn with asbesdos)
Fixed seating with Fixed Table450+ Flooring @ 140/stn (180/stn with asbesdos)

Asbestos tile remove$5 ft2$55 m2
Non-asbestos tile removal$2 ft2$20 m2
New Tile$4 ft2$4 m2
Seat remove$60 seat

Flooring basic per station estimate:
Asbestos floor =($9 x 13ft2 = $117) + $60 remove =$180 /station
Non-asbesdos =($6 x 13ft2 = $78) + $60 remove =$140 /station
$9 and $6 are cost of new tile and old tile remove
13ft2 is based on estimate of 13ft2 of floor per student station in fixed seating rooms
$60 per seat removal and disposal (old seats/tables)