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intercom For immediate assistance in the classroom:
Use the live intercom on a
Teaching Station or TSJr
Or call the A/V emergency hotline:
416 - 978 - 0423

Report Classroom Problem email box for reporting
various classroom problems
(not for emergencies)

General Questions

Is training available for the various types of a/v equipment?

Yes. The Classroom Technology Support Office can arrange demonstrations of the University's a/v equipment. See the technology support contact page for email and phone #.

Can I book a technician to assist me in my class?
What are the associated costs?

Yes. There are two types of available assistance: 1) An a/v technician will help you to set up before your class and ensure that your presentation is underway (generally 15-20 minutes); 2) An a/v technician will assist with the set up, run your presentation and remain in the room for the duration of the class. The fee for the basic service is $20, whereas the on-site operator fee is $30/hour.

What do I do if the equipment doesn't arrive?

Equipment is scheduled to arrive no later than 10 past the hour (when UofT classes commence). If you require additional set up time, be sure to request a reasonable delivery time when booking the equipment. However, keep in mind that there may be other classes scheduled in the room. Consult the Office of Space Management for advice on this matter.

Who can I call for help (immediate assistance) during my class?

For immediate assistance call the Emergency/After Hours line at: 416-978-0423.

How can I learn to use classroom technology most effectively?

You may contact
CTSI (Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation)
for Academic Technology. These offices provide one-on-one consultation for instructors and offer regular workshops on various types of instructional technology.

How do I ensure that my course is scheduled in a room that can accommodate my audiovisual/ technology needs?

By communicating your a/v needs early in the room allocation process these factors can be taken into account when determining a suitable location. Room allocations are typically handled within departments/divisions and therefore any special requests should be directed to the appropriate person.

To whom do I report equipment problems?

If the problem is not an emergency, please use the on-line form for reporting classroom and equipment problems, available at:
Classroom and A/V Problems